Sponge Laser Cut High Density small Rose


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Sponge Laser Cut High Density small Rose

These high-density lasers cut sponges known as Sponge Its have been specially designed by Rachel Byass for use in her Pottery.

The sponges are very hard wearing and can be used on a number of different items from pottery, t-shirts and cards. They can be used with different paint products from Colour to Clay paints, Studio Strokes or even with acrylics.

There are a total of around 50 different sponges to choose from and some sponges come in two different sizes.

They wash out easily with warm water and will be dry in no time ready to use again.

The Laser Cut High Density Sponges come in lots of different ranges from Dolphins  – Flowers – Pumpkins – RosesUnicornsDinosaurs and Dragonflies

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