High density Laser cut sponges designed by Fired Art Designs

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The offer is you can pick any 15 sponges from the £2.50 range on the link below (not there is a print out at the top of that page with most of the designs on and sizes) total range and get  3 large ones  totally free value £10.50p while stock lasts

Note you will have to call or put in a email your choice. all the designs are in the sponge-its page in the shop

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postage is £6 for up to 2 kl of goods so you could add other things. Note no order is send out without a email not face book order and orders need to be paid in full on the phone by card before they are posted out.


High density Laser cut sponges designed by Fired Art Designs

Raches has designed and had made for Fired Art Designs over 60 sponges. they can be use with most paint mediums but work best with high pigment paint such as Rachel Colour -2-clay underglazes or one stroke. They also work well with T-Shirt paints and acrylics to create clothes shoes and wall paper.

work well on

  • Bisque
  • Clay
  • Fabric
  • Paper
  • Walls
  • Terracotta planters
  • Glass
  • Plaster

Easy to use.

  1. First of all wet the sponge and ring it out to be just damp
  2. Apply paint by putting paint on the tile and pouncing it up and down so the paint goes into the sponge and no paint is protruding out of the sponge surface. Alternatively paint the colours onto the sponge let it soak in then use it on your choice surface
  3. Once you have applied the paint gently touch the surface and pat it so only the design touches the surface. Wait to the count of 3 so that the paint goes into the surface and you will have a lovely sharp design.

New pattern spongessmall laser cut roselaser-cut high density foam sponge set of 8Laser-Cut High Density foam Sponge Reindeer

Laser-Cut High Density Foam Sponge small seahorse