Firing gloss crackle glaze





Firing gloss crackle glaze

Crackle glaze is designed to be fired to 06. Once it is fired fine lines will appear within 4 to 6 hours, once this happens you can rub in a black acrylic stain to enhance the lines. This is a very pretty glaze but not suitable for food surfaces  or inside a vase. If you are doing a vase use brush on glaze watered down inside the vase roll round and tip out. Apply two smooth coats onto a bisque surface allow to dry between coats.

The glaze also works well when you part glaze a vase on the outside at the bottom and then apply a crystal glaze at the top of the vase, over lap a bit and it will run more than crystal normally do.

40z £3.90

8oz £7.50

Pint £12

Note this glaze is not suitable for poor bisque

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