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Creative Colour one stroke underglaze 

Creative Colour is a pure Pigment Under Glaze with a firing range of Cone 06 to Cone 6, Earthenware to Stoneware which can go one greenware or bisque.

Creative colour is a One Stroke type of underglaze paint which means you need very little on your Pottery to achieve bright colours. Creative Colour is used in the “Paint Your Own Pottery Cafe industry” mainly for use in making finished ware/Gifts and perfect hand prints.

It enables you to make beautiful items in a very short time with the tiniest amount of paint.

Creative Colour comes in 28 colours in both 2oz and 8oz bottles or pints on request. It is food safe, Lead Free and Non-Toxic.


  • Hand and Foot Prints showing every detail of the hand
  • Portraits
  • Landscapes
  • Used for One Stroke painting also know as decorative art
  • Can be used on Bisque or Greenware
  • Airbrushing
  • Chinese brushwork
  • Sumi painting
  • Watercolour style painting
  • Used for “Antiquing” detailed pieces such as handmade personalised hearts and to antique baby clay prints
  • You can use it to strengthen other frit based Under Glazes
  • Used to marbleize casting slip to do Agateware
  • Watercolour style painting
  • lettering in one easy stroke

hand painted latte mug sweat pea fairy

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2oz, 8oz


Baby Face, Black Jack, Blue Day, Carrot Top, Caterpillar Green, Inky Blue, Just Jade, Laurel Green, Loganberry, Mediterranean Blue, Mint Ice, Mud Pie, Muffin, Nelly Grey, Paddling Pool Blue, Poodle Pink, Primrose Yellow, Purple Rain, Ra Ra Red, Ripe Grape, Sherbet Lime, Snooker Ball Pink, Snow Drop, Teddy Brown, Toffee Caramel, Wisteria, Yellow Submarine, Yummy Mango