8 piece pottery tool set

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8 piece pottery tool set

A Complete 8 piece pottery tool set contains


  • Wooden Sculpting Tool, can be used for shaping, smoothing, cutting or slicing
  •  Wire Clay Cutter
  • Metal Needle Tool, needle tool is  for adding design, making holes,  trim clay and cutting in or around a wooden template
  • Ribbon Cutter Tool, ideal for creating clean, sharp cuts, smooth  grooves.  children safe to cutting tool.
  • Loop Tool  sculpture tool, a controlled amount of clay can be removed from your sculpture.
  • The potter’s rib for creating a smooth finish on your thrown ware as well as shaping and curving into it clay.
  •  Steel Kidney Scraper, including trimming excess clay, smoothing rough edges and creating beautiful curves
  • Sponge – The sponge is great for smoothing cleaned seams and large surfaces. Is also great for wetting the surface of your clay project.