Children’s Parties

Themed Parties for your child’s Special Day

Fired Art Designs Pottery holds great events for all ages and every Party is private to you only making it a very special time.

Each friend will have something to remind them of the time they spent together, and kids of all ages love to “Paint and Create”.

Choose the Party Package to suit you:

Party invite Templates to print & personalise from our website with map
Bring & Serve your own Party Food. We have a separate room to set up in
Car Park
Dedicated Party Space and the Studio is closed so it is private for you
Experienced Staff to guide and teach the children
Use of all Paints, Materials and Tools
Glazing and Firing of all painted items which you get back within 7 days
Tailor-made Parties
For Children’s Parties we cater for 4 years upwards for 10 to 18 guests.
Please note Due to Health & Safety Rules, we can only accommodate a maximum of 4 adults with a Children’s Party.

How does it work. All you do is give us a call on 07970793727 and pay your £50 deposit on the phone and pick which party you want.

Wheel Party

For minimum of 6 guests up to 14. Cost £25 a head. This includes a demo from Rachel on how to make a pot. We have 5 Wheels so 3 to 4 guests go on the Wheel and make a Pot. While the other guests are waiting for their turn they will make a craft item that they can take home with them that day so you don’t need Party Bag Gifts. Depending how many guests you have this lasts from 2 to 3 hours.

Once all the Pots are made they have fun painting them Jackson Pollack style using Rachel’s famous Clay Bright Colours that go directly onto wet clay. The Pot is then fired to bisque and refried to glaze and ready to pick up within 7 working days.

Fairy Door Party

Fairy Door Parties are for ages 5 and up. Each child gets a hand made Fairy Door with their name on it. They can be painted in Glazes or Acrylics (if in Acrylics you can use glitter and take them home that day with a varnish on).

Every door is individually made by Rachel and Liz, so you need to give the names 10 days minimum before your Party. The cost is £20 a head with a minimum of 10 guests.

This is a very Special Party which we have 3 Fairies that come to the party and help

Paint Your Own Pottery

2 hours at £12 a head. On the day the guest has a choice of 6 Animals.

Cup Cake and Ice Cream Box Party

£14 per for 2 hours.

Claying Around Party

Hand-built Initial Tile or Skull Party in Clay. Each child is given a pre-formed wet shape to build on and Hand Paint that is made from raw Clay with their initials and then hand decorates them with shapes. They then paint it before it is fired and glazed for them. Cost is £14 a head for a 2-hour Party. Minimum 10 children.